Downloading Course Practice Files




  • Michael Crafton

    Can not unzip practice files. The downloaded file name is long and can not be recognized as any file type.

  • Don Sowers

    Same issue as Michael Crafton. The download name is to long. Does not make a .zip file. Not recognized as a file of any type.

  • clint donnelly

    Same problem as above

  • Per Kristian Faldet

    Several practice files in the NX 10 Essentials Part 5: Basic Assemblies does not exist. For example "mirror_asm\mirror_asm.prt", among several others througout the course. 

  • Bradley Engholt

    Per Kristian,

    I have resolved the overall course download package to address the issue.  In the future, if this scenario happens, you can also download the project files from within the project page itself.  (see attached screenshot).


  • zoheer asakli
    I cant login to my gd@t movies.
    Please fix the problem.
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  • Gregory Mandrell

    Downloaded files for NX 10 Advanced Assemblies and the files don't match up with the course.  ?



  • David Borchard

    I cannot download files for CATIA V5-6R2013 - 201 Drafting 

    Please resolve this issue.

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  • Bharadwaaj Venkataraman

    I'm currently doing this course CATIA V5 - 104 Wireframe and Surface. There's a mention of files (open XXX.CATPart) in several lessons but I don't see any Course Practice Files available downloading for this course. Could you please fix it?


    Thanks in advance


    For the course "NX9 Advanced Simulation" there are NO support files. The course cannot be used since there are multiple references to files to be opened and tasks to be performed with them. Please make the files available. Thank you.

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